Rules of the Game

Mind-Craft’s rules of the game are the law during our grinds.

  1. I never lose my focus on my goals and personal development.
  2. My intentions are generally related to mental development and are not aimed at strengthening physical aspects.
  3. During the grinds, I try to reach my maximum potential and to go beyond my limits.
  4. During the grinds, I carry out the promised activities and do not deviate from the plan, breaks and rest if necessary are part of the activities.
  5. During the grinds, telephones, no matter for what purpose (communication, photos/videos, social media, etc.), can only be used with the consent of the coach.
  6. I study and internalize the theory of the Mind-Craft process, in case of ambiguity I turn to Mind-Craft.
  7. I distance myself from comparisons and measurements with third parties, I just want to be better than myself.
  8. In the presence of Mind-Craft employees, racist, discriminatory, or sexual statements as well as activities are absolutely taboo for me. I accept that in repeated cases these will lead to the immediate termination of the session.
  9. I keep the agreed appointments or cancel in good time: 48 hours in advance.
  10. I acknowledge that I will be charged 100% for missed appointments or those canceled too late.
  11. I accept that I will confirm or reject the offers received in writing/electronically at least 48 hours before the agreed date.